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How Losing 100 Pounds at Fourteen Changed My Life

October 25, 2021 6 min read

How Losing 100 Pounds at Fourteen Changed My Life

Today in America 42.4 percent of adults and 1 in 5 children are obese. These figures are staggering compared to fifty years ago, when just 13 percent of adults and 5 to 7 percent of children were considered obese. To put it plainly, America is fat and we’re only getting fatter. Obesity is linked to numerous health concerns including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, to name a few. The cause of obesity in America is likely due to our sedentary lifestyles and the overwhelming popularity of processed foods that are packed full of calories, yet offer very little in terms of nutrition. Being overweight impacts your quality of life both physically and mentally. I would know because I used to be a childhood obesity statistic. I may have been part of the adult obesity statistics if I hadn’t decided to make a change sixteen years ago.

Life As the “Fat Girl”

Growing up I didn’t know what a calorie was or that eating too many of them led to weight gain. Health and fitness weren’t topics much talked about in my household. We ate what most American families ate, which included lots and lots of fast food. Poor diet coupled with little to no exercise contributed to my weight gain and experience of being an obese child. Unfortunately, these habits carried on into my teen years and by fourteen years old, I stepped on the scale at 230 pounds. Standing at only five feet and seven inches tall, that was a lot of extra weight for my frame. I was unhealthy and out of shape to say the least but most of all, I was unhappy.

It’s not easy being a teenage girl and it’s even harder being an obese teenage girl. I didn’t fit the “ideal” beauty standard, which meant I certainly wasn’t considered attractive. As one can imagine, I was bullied incessantly. Kids are ruthless. I’d figured that out on my first day of kindergarten. The bullying followed me to middle school, where I’d be teased daily. I’d learned to ignore the snide comments by then, but I’d be lying if I said they didn’t affect me. I kept to myself and tried to become invisible, but you can’t be invisible when you’re obese. When you’re overweight, everyone thinks they’re entitled to an opinion on your body whether you asked for one or not.

 Besides the bullying, being overweight affected my day-to-day activities. Any sort of physical activity left me out of breath, whether it was jogging around the track at school or taking my dog for a walk in my neighborhood. I started to recognize that my lifestyle was not normal, nor healthy. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t physically keep up with the other kids my age, I’d never been able to. Up until then, I didn’t make the connection between my eating habits and my weight. I was a kid. What did I know about calories? It wasn’t until I grew older and learned for myself what was causing my weight gain that I learned what I had to do to change it. So, at fourteen years old and 230 pounds, I decided to lose weight.

Making a Change

By this time, I was tired of being overweight and unhealthy. I didn’t like being out of breath doing simple activities that most kids my age could do easily. And I was tired of overeating to the point of feeling sick. I’d never realized it before, but I had a binge eating problem that ultimately was the source of my weight gain. I would eat and eat until I felt too sick to eat anymore. That wasn’t the person I wanted to be anymore. I wanted to be in control of my life. I wanted to be fit and healthy. I wanted to feel confident in myself and most of all, I wanted to be happy. My weight had held me back from living the life I wanted to live because I didn’t have the confidence to pursue it. That wasn’t going to be me anymore, I decided, I was going to take my life into my own hands from here on out.

This meant I had to ditch my bad habits and replace them with healthier ones. I started researching weight-loss and learned what foods I needed to eat to lose weight and be healthy. I started being more aware of my eating patterns and listening to my hunger signals. Before, I’d never thought twice about eating everything on my plate and then some. Now, I was learning to listen to my body and only feed it what it needed. But my lifestyle changes didn’t stop there. I knew that my fitness was just as important as my diet, and so I started exercising. At first, that just meant walking for at least one mile every day. Eventually, I would work my way up to jogging and then running. I’d never been able to run even one mile before without gasping for air. I set a goal for myself that one day, I would run one whole mile without stopping. One year later I would meet that goal, along with a 100-pound weight-loss.

Fitness Is a Lifelong Journey

After a year of consistent hard work, I stepped on the scale at fifteen years old and 130 pounds. I lost exactly 100 pounds from where I started. The change was massive. I’d gone from bullied overweight kid to a confident and fit teenage girl. I was just starting my sophomore year of high school and was excited about all the new possibilities in front of me. My weight didn’t hold me back anymore from goals I wanted to pursue. I realized that if I could lose 100 pounds on my own, I could accomplish a heck of a lot more. My weight loss was a new beginning for me, and it would forever change the trajectory of my life from there on out.

Today, I am proud to say that I have kept the weight off and still enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle. I’ve continued my quest for fitness and health and have tried about every kind of workout and diet there is. For me, my body is like an experiment. I like tweaking different aspects of my health goals to see what kind of results they’ll bring me. I’ve never believed in taking diet pills that promise instant fat burning results. Those claims are mostly false and the diet pills in question can have harmful effects. I do however believe in taking supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle. There are natural ingredients found in many foods that can aid in weight-loss by stoking your metabolism.

Hot Bod Nutrition carries fat burning supplements like Keto Pills, Green Tea Fat Burner Plus, and L-Carnitine With Antioxidantsmade from all natural ingredients that have been proven to support a healthy metabolism. While there is no magic pill for weight-loss, there is a smart way to go about weight-loss. A healthy diet along with regular exercise and an extra boost from all natural supplements can help get you there faster. Some of the ingredients in Hot Bod Nutrition’s supplements include green tea extract, antioxidants, and important minerals like magnesium. These ingredients provide a natural energy boost that will help get you through your workouts. You’ll also enjoy the anti-inflammatory effects of the antioxidants which may reduce your risk of cancers. 

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to jumpstart your weight-loss efforts, consider adding supplements to your diet. No, they are not magic pixie dust that will melt the weight off you instantly, but they may make your weight-loss journey easier. Nothing is more important however than a healthy diet and workout routine. Your decision to lose weight and change your life must start here. Until you are committed to leading a healthier lifestyle, not even magic pixie dust will help you. Changing your habits is the only way to achieve and maintain natural weight-loss. You must decide that you are ready to make these changes and not give up on them.

Trust me, you won’t ever regret changing your life for the better. No amount of fast food is better than the confidence you will gain from becoming a healthier version of yourself. If you need to make a change, then today is the day to do it. Start now and don’t ever stop. You have one life to live and every moment you stay stuck in your unhealthy habits is a moment wasted. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and that starts with a healthy body to live it in. So, what are you waiting for? Get up off the couch and get started on making your dream life a reality.

Whitney Holcombe
Whitney Holcombe

At the age fourteen, Whitney Holcombe weighed 230 pounds. In one year, Whitney lost 100 pounds while maintaining a healthy weight throughout her entire life. Today, Whitney is focusing on inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle. Everything that Whitney publishes from videos to content is all based on proven science.

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