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Biotin Hair Gummies

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  • Supports Hair Health, Nails, and Eyes.

    • Do you long for healthier, shinier hair? Ever tried hair gummies? Biotin Hair Gummies improve your hair health from the inside out.
    • Not just for hair, Biotin Hair Gummies can do wonders for your skin and nails, too. The same biotin that strengthens hair can seriously boost your skin and nail health.
    • Feeling a little sluggish? Biotin Hair Gummies can boost your metabolism. Get help with burning unwanted fat with Biotin Hair Gummies!
    • Biotin Hair Gummies are packed with 5,000 micrograms of biotin per gummy and also loaded with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc.
    • This gluten-free, GMO-free gummy is easy to consume and tastes great, too!
  • Vitami A 1200 mcg, Vitamin C 60 mg, Vitamin D 10 mcg ,Vitamin E 18 mg, Vitamin B-6 2mg , Folate 670 mg, Vitamin B-12 8mcg, Biotin 5000 mcg , Pantothenic Acid 10mg , Iodine 80mcg , Zinc 5mg


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